Product family

As unique as every tree.

Our product family consists of three members. EPICO , B: HARD and ACTUS . Each product line is characterized by different properties. Find out more about which member is best for you.

B: HARD is our Power Wood, which (as the name suggests) is characterized by a reinforced wooden surface. This surface is refined with a special technology and thus gets its particularly robust properties. Thus the ideal companion for anyone who wants a particularly hard-wearing wooden floor. Format: 2,200 x 223 mm.
B:hard modern is the herringbone version with a format of 774 x 126 mm.

EPICO is our large-format variant in a country house style. This member of our product family is particularly varied in all colors and variations. A versatile natural talent. Largest format: 2,400 x 240 mm, smallest format: 1400 x 140 mm EPICO modern is a variant of our classic EPICO parquet, which can be laid herringbone. Format: 690 x 140

Our ACTUS is the traditional parquet strip. It is characterized by small and fine sticks. Ideal for a wide variety of laying patterns such as herringbone and co.
Largest format: 1,000 x 90 mm Smallest format: 500 x 70 mm


There are no limits to your imagination with our creative rods. All conceivable classic or modern laying patterns are possible.
Format: 720 x 240 mm and 480 x 240 mm