To hand over knowledge.

Here you will find advice and information on the subject of wood and parquet, as well as simply explained technical terms. After all, the floor search should be fun and not leave you in despair.

Common Terms

As the name suggests, prefabricated parquet is a wooden floor that is ready to be laid. Prefabricated parquet consists of several glued layers, as well as a lacquered or oiled surface. The wooden floor can be walked on after laying and no further surface treatment is necessary. Within the multi-layer parquet category, there are 2-layer and 3-layer parquet.

Two-layer parquet consists of a wear layer and a carrier layer. The total thickness is approximately 9 to 12 mm. In contrast to a three-layer parquet, a two-layer parquet cannot be laid floating. It must always be glued over the entire surface to a suitable substrate (e.g. screed or laying panels). For this reason, it is recommended that the two-layer parquet is only laid by professional floor layers.

Schwimmende Verlegung bedeutet, dass nur die Fertigparkett-Stäbe miteinander verbunden werden und nicht auf dem Untergrund verklebt werden. The floor is always laid on a special underlay. The rods therefore “float” to a certain extent on the subsurface. The advantages here are quick and easy installation, fewer requirements for the sub-floor, no adhesive consumption and additional flexibility.

Here the planks are glued to the substrate over the entire surface. This type of installation is recommended over underfloor heating, when installing in bathrooms and generally in the commercial sector.
The advantages are lower footsteps, less springiness when stepping on and more effective heat transfer with underfloor heating. In addition, glued boards are particularly durable.

Laying our natural floors on underfloor heating is generally not a problem. However, you should pay attention to the correct type of wood. Because there are types of wood which are not well suited due to their properties. In order to achieve optimal thermal conductivity, however, the specifications according to the installation and care instructions should be observed.

Sorting describes the appearance of a wooden floor. Each grade is characterized by different features and summarizes similar looking wooden surfaces. You thus describe the top of the parquet plank. There are also grading characteristics that are defined in accordance with EN 13486.

Fladerung is a certain dark pattern in the wood.

Splint is a certain light pattern in the wood.

Laying pattern

The classics. We present our most popular installation options here.
On request and with our “creative parquet” there are countless other patterns with which your imagination knows no bounds.



60 degrees

90 degrees



To give you a better overview of our variety of formats, we have simply divided them into S, M, L and XL. If you want to know more, you can read which formats are behind it.

The following formats can be found under the “S” category:

480 x 240 x 9.5 mm

500 x 70 x 8.5 mm

500 x 70 x 9.5 mm

500 x 70 x 10 mm

500 x 70 x 11.5 mm

500 x 70 x 22 mm

690 x 140 x 9.5 mm

774 x 129 x11 mm

The following formats are summarized under the “M” category:

630 x 90 x 9.5 mm

630 x 90 x 10 mm

720 x 240 x 9.5 mm

720 x 240 x 10 mm

The following formats fall under the heading “L”:

1000 x 90 x 8.5 mm

1000 x 90 x 9.5 mm

1000 x 90 x 10 mm

1000 x 100 x 10mm

1400 x 140 x 9.5 mm

We classify the following formats in the “XL” category:

2100 x 223 x 9.5 mm

2100 x 223 x 11 mm

2200 x 223 x 11 mm

2400 x 240 x 9.5 mm


We offer our floors completely natural or in other wonderful colors. We call our colored floors “Colourline”. These are almost all named after gemstones and stones, from sapphire to amber to diamond.

Oak calcite

Oak diamond

Oak sapphire

Oak albite

Oak Cotton white

Oak crystal

Oak amber

Oak garnet


In order to give every type of wood the perfect finishing touch and to emphasize the special properties of our parquet, we have refined our floors.
Each surface has its own advantages, which are explained in more detail below.

Our lacquered parquet is provided with lacquer layers made of almost 100% transparent lacquer. With a strong, 7-layer matt finish with the highest abrasion class C according to ÖNORM. This makes the surface almost scratch-resistant, elastic and the wood color is reproduced unaltered.

Our oiled parquet is refined with high-quality, hard-wearing oxidative (air-dried) oil. Oxidative oiled parquet ensures a particularly natural and healthy living environment as well as a pleasant barefoot feeling. The wood colors and the grain are enhanced by the oiling and are even more effective.

A particularly scratch-resistant and hard lacquer for our B: hard surfaces.

The Stöckl Pure finish gives the surface a particularly natural and matt look. This ensures a timeless style that gives the parquet the finishing touch. This refinement not only brings a puristic look, but also makes it easier to clean and care for your parquet.

Soft wooden parts are removed by mechanical brushing of the surface. This results in a subtly reinforced wood structure.

Striking structure with saw marks on the surface of the wooden stick.

Irregular, clearly noticeable and visibly wavy look on the parquet surface.

Optically and haptically very well worked out wood structure

Product lines

Our product family consists of three members. EPICO, B: HARD and ACTUS. Each product line is characterized by different properties. Find out more about which member is best for you.

EPICO is our large-format variant in a country house style. This member of our product family is particularly varied in all colors and variations. A versatile natural talent.
Largest format: 2400 x 240 mm (L x W),
smallest format: 1400 x 140 mm (L x W).
EPICO modern is a variant of our classic EPICO parquet, which can be laid in herringbone. Format: 690 x 140 mm (L x W)

B: HARD is our Power Wood, which (as the name suggests) is characterized by a reinforced wooden surface. This surface is refined with a special technology and thus gets its particularly robust properties. Thus the ideal companion for everyone who wants a particularly hard-wearing floor and still does not want to do without the pleasant feeling of a real wooden floor when walking barefoot.
Format: 2200 x 223 mm (L x W)
B: hard modern is also the herringbone variant with one format
of 774 x 129 mm (L x W).

Our ACTUS is the traditional parquet strip. It is characterized by small and fine sticks. Ideal for a wide variety of laying patterns such as herringbone and Co. Largest format: 1,000 x 90 mm (L x W), smallest format: 500 x 70 mm (L x W).


Every parquet floor is characterized by its uniqueness. Through every shade of color, every branch and every structure. We sort our bars and put together what belongs together. This creates a wide variety of grades for every taste, from quiet to rustic.

The “select” and “exquisit” grades are quiet grades. This means that there are small natural color differences, a very simple appearance, light flares and no or only small point knots on the wood surface. Thus a very calm, exquisite and elegant appearance.

We call our “style”, “natur” and “design” grades natural. They have small to natural color differences, small knots, a low proportion of sapwood and light flakes. Thus the “classic” sorting.

“character,” “struktur”, “lebhaft”, “ambiente”, and “crack” fall under this category. A lively appearance, clearer color and structure differences, thicker flats, small to medium-sized putty knots and a proportion of sapwood characterize our lively sorting. Ideal for a rustic and exciting look.